Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome to the blur!

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my very first blog.. very impressive considering 6 months ago I wasn't even sure what a blog was and even now I would have to give a vague answer.. but I am blogging non the less!
I want to give you a quick "Micki's blog 101".. just a quick overview of what you can expect or not expect from my writings. I WILL be recapping events in my life in an attempt to either.. 1.Share memories and hopefully commit them to my failing 40 year old memory or at least have written proof of them  or 2. Share as a form of therapy to then shove into the depths of my mind and or completely block out (what ever terminology is PC in the psych world today) to hopefully have them never resurface again. (In this case having written proof may not be such a grand idea so I may have to rethink that.)
 I WILL give my opinion on such things as books, movies and world events(hehe.. that last one was just added to give the illusion that I'm smart since my world rarely goes beyond the walls of my tiny house and the 5 children, one husband and one grossly obese Cocker Spaniel that have set up residence here.)
I WILL write about the progress of my first novel that I just finished (YAY,YAHOO,YIPEE!) and the struggles I am sure to come up against as I try the amazingly crazy task of trying to become published.(BOO!HISS!YUCK)
 Lastly, I will write about my hilariously dysfunctional, but "crazy in love with each other" family.
 This truly has been set up as an outlet to share the wild things that happen in my life and the even crazier ideas that bounce around my mind. This may be the one time my ADD actually comes in handy. A girl can only hear "You need to write this all down" so many times before she starts taking that seriously.
This is not meant to be a self-help blog, an inspiring blog or a DIY blog.. if you are looking for those please head back out the way you came in and hang a Left on the Internet.. but that is all I can tell you because I am terrible with directions, just ask my husband.
Ok, now that we all understand each other better, and know exactly what I will and will not write about... let the blogging begin!!

chirp... chip.... chirp.. writers block already ....tick tock tick tock...great, now my life gets boring...

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