Saturday, June 27, 2015

Do I have to take a stand?

Do I have to take a stand?

No matter what side of the Rainbow you choose to stand on, yesterday was a historic day for the United States of America. I can't think of anything in my lifetime that has drawn more attention, emotion or energy than the debate between people who believe in gay marriage and those who don't.

My question is...Do I have to take a stand?

After reading that one question, most people have already made their decision on what I need to do. How many of you thought, "YES! Take a stand. Pick a side." Maybe you thought, "She's Christian, she knows where she should be." Please keep reading.

 I've been truly blessed to have wonderful people in my life. My influences have been a mix of people from different backgrounds, up bringings and belief systems. My circle of family and friends consists of straight, gay and bisexual people. Through my work, I've been exposed to many corners of society. I've worked with the rich and the homeless...The dying and addicted...The privileged and mentally ill.  I have clients who are praised by their communities and ones who are shunned. 

Can someone explain to me who decides what group of people are less important? Whose needs should be honored above everyone else's? Is there a hierarchy that I'm unaware of that allows some people to be ushered to the front while others needs are shoved  to the back?

Why am I expected to decide what is right and wrong for others? I don't ever want to be that person.

 I, myself, am a follower of Christ and believe completely that he died on the cross for every sin committed by his followers. 

And that's where my journey both begins and ends.

Do I have to take a stand on gay marriage?

I have prayed and meditated. Talked with believers and non believers. Researched in the word of God and still...I'm confused on a few things while others have become crystal clear.  

Because I have given my life to Christ, does that mean I've secretly signed up for membership in the anti-gay marriage movement?

No. I haven't...And I don't need to.

Does it mean I have to 100%, whole heartily support Gay marriage.  

No. It doesn't...And I don't need to.

Does it mean it matters to me if you are gay or straight? 

Nope, not one bit. 

Does it matter to YOU that I don't take a stance because my belief is acceptance of everyone. I sure hope not.

What it does mean is, no matter who you are, I will love you for your heart and for who God has made you to be. I will cheer for your successes and support your through your failures. I will love and give forgiveness, even in the worst of situations. Just as the Lord has done for me. This isn't easy and I'm not perfect at it. As a matter of fact, I fail a lot and need to ask forgiveness frequently.  But I will continue to try to be this person that I feel God has called me to be.

 I think that about covers it. 

 Now, some of  you will say, "Micki, if you don't take a stand, it's just like taking a stand." I don't believe that. I think God speaks to each of us and lights passion in our souls. I believe he gives us the courage to take the lead when he intends us to do so. Not everyone is supposed to take up every cause and  if you do so without the Lord leading you, the wrong reasons spur your actions. It becomes personal and your reasons are your own and not the Lord's. Some of us are here to support and remind everyone that Christ's love is about acceptance above all else. Never once did he say, I want you...But not you. He said, "I want you all."

Well meaning Christians in this country have decided that not only do people who are gay or lesbian somehow love the Lord less than straight Christian but the people who support them are not as strong in their faith either. Who has given them the power to make that decision? Does God intend to pit us against each other. Nope. It was never meant to be us and them.. it's always been US and HIM. 

 I know what the bible says, I read it regularly. I don't ever remember it saying we should make the decision ourselves, who loves Him the most. It says, above all else, love Me and love each other as I have loved you. 

So, if it's super important for you to know if I support/don't support...Here's my answer. I support people. I support love and happiness and joy. I support families and people no matter what side they choose. Some of us aren't meant to take a stand, we are meant to reach out a hand. 

So today, as the country debates what side of the rainbow to stand on...I think I'll sit on the top. Not because I'm above the issue, but because I feel closer to God here. And that's where I always long to be,as close as I can get to the one who loves all of us without titles, without boundaries and without agendas. 
There's an open invitation where I sit. Gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, believer or non. Come to the top of the Rainbow and worship the Lord with me, meet him for first time or just enjoy the view. The Lord has given us this day,and it's beautiful. 



  1. This is pretty much what I would have written if I had written a post. Bottom line--- I don't have it all figured out but what I do know is that I am told to love like Jesus so I will. People come in all shapes and sizes and varieties and all are created to be valued. I choose to not choose sides but to love.

  2. Great post and I must add....... For me, it's all about loving others as people!