Tuesday, July 17, 2012

He called me beautiful Mommy

OK, so recently I posted on Facebook a teeny tiny rant about the fact that I was ready for school to be back in session. I think that at certain moments in my life I may let some minor emotions take over and black out some of my finer thinking. I try hard.. really hard... to be appreciative of what I have and  to enjoy moments with my children because I know that time is short and I am very blessed to have what I do  and blah blah blah....but come on! I am only human right? How many times does a mother have to sweep up crunched saltine crackers off the floor or step on sticky strawberry jelly that has obviously fallen off of someone's peanut butter? How many conversations do I have to have about The Lego Starwars game for the WII or watch someone imitate the dancing on Step it up? Does every bath time have to be a re-washing of the bathroom walls and floor and why am I the only one that can avoid stepping in dog poop every time we leave the house?
I need questions to these answers! These are the kind of things that keep me up at night! What kind of human beings am I raising that they are unable to sit at the kitchen table without someone spilling their drink, choking on their food or fighting about whose mac and cheese looks the most like Patrick Starr? Where is our society headed if my kids refuse to drink milk that isn't chocolate, talk about Chewbacha like he exists and think their dad is the funniest person on the planet????HELP!!

Ten minutes ago I was in the bathroom with my 7 year old daughter. Last night while out riding her bike she had a slight accident and has some "road rash" on her arm. Tonight it was looking a little funny so I decided we needed to use the dreaded hydrogen peroxide... CRINGE.. I KNOW I KNOW BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE! So of course when I poured it over her small open wound she started crying and pleading with me to stop. Suddenly I heard a thunderous sound coming up from the basement.  Parker who is 5, and Kyler,8,  busted through the bathroom door screaming "Addie what is wrong!!" Shock came across their faces when they saw the peroxide bottle, being boys they have had multiple experience with the peroxide. When it registered with them that I was cleaning her arm off,  their voices suddenly got soft and they were both asking "Do you need anything? Do you want to hold my hand? Do you want me to get your blanket?" I watched in proud awe as they comforted their sister telling her that it was going to be alright and that she would feel better once I was done. Then Parker said, "We should pray for her." And like it was second nature they both placed a hand on her and this is the prayer that Kyler said:
"Dear and Heavenly God, Please send down your Son and your Holy Spirit to heal my beautiful little sister. I love her too much to have her in this much pain. We believe in your full healing powers. In your name we pray. Amen." I stood with tears in my eyes as they turned and ran back to the basement.

I have no greater joy then to hear that my children are walking in the truth
3John 1:4

So I stepped in a little jelly today.. and who really "likes" milk that isn't chocolate.. and how does a prayer from  2 crazy, loud, out of control boys seem to make the world right again. It wasn't just the prayer that touched my heart, it was the sight of 2 of my son's comforting their sister in the best way they knew how.... by asking for help from our Heavenly Father and by leaning on their belief that he could and would heal her, and making her feel like she was the most importantly thing in the world to them in that moment. Thank you Lord for once again teaching me through my children what is truly important. Thank you for reminding me to lean on you and to believe in your love.

The boys were gone out of the bathroom as quickly as they rushed in..
"Kyler called me beautiful Mommy," Addie whispered to me.Knowing that hearing those words from her brother and having them pray for her did more healing then any hydrogen peroxide ever could I reached down and gave her a big hug and said, "That's because you are beautiful baby."

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